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$64 for 2 hours Adventuring!

We'll take your dog for the not just one, but TWO hours adventuring, plus travel time.

For the canine who needs some adventure in their life. Join us for two hours of play time and exploring with their new best friends. Plus travel time. Your dog will have a ball!

Pick up and drop off for morning & lunchtime included within our service areas.

When we’re done we’ll send you pictures and a map of our adventuring.

We take our dogs to a range of locations, from dog parks, beaches and creeks. We always practice good manners and safe behaviours whether getting a pat or a treat and having fun both on and off leash.

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At Dogs of Melbourne, we believe that training your dog is essential for a happy and fulfilling relationship with your dog, addressing behavioural issues, promoting socialisation, stimulation, and keeping your dog and loved ones safe. Our experienced trainers are here to guide you and your dog through every step of the process.

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We'll take care of you & yours.

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